Have you ever found yourself wanting to move your body, but you worry you are not fit enough to start? Have you ever dreamed of getting fitter but the thought of joining an exercise class elicits sheer panic? Or are you looking for a place that celebrates your curves, dimples and wrinkles whilst supporting you to reach your fitness goals? Then you have come to the right place my friend!

We are a proud evidence-based fitness family, seeking to help people develop a passion for exercise based on self-care and compassion. We achieve this by taking a body positive and Health at Every Size® approach to fitness. Through this holistic lens, we acknowledge your mental, social, financial, spiritual and emotional health as integral parts to your overall well-being. Although we primarily focus on improving and supporting your physical health through your chosen form of movement, we incidentally support other areas of health.


As part of taking a Health at Every Size® approach to body shape and weight concerns, we do not encourage or support weight loss. We will encourage and support you to increase health-enhancing behaviours such as exercise, without focusing on the scale. If you do have body image, self-esteem or weight concerns, we are able to connect you with local Health at Every Size® allied health clinicians.

We understand that learning to love and embrace your body, is not always easy but through focusing on functional movement and gently challenging yourself you can start to develop a better relationship with your body and exercise. This does not happen overnight, but at DIVERSE you will surround yourself in body positive love and support.


Currently DIVERSE offers personal training, YouTube, Patreon and Workshop services. 

Get in touch with us

Business owner and principal personal trainer Natasha Korbut can be reached via email or phone.


0407 951 025