Do I need medical clearance?
Diverse Personal Training is serious about medical clearance and working with medical and allied health professionals. Before undergoing any workouts you will be required to complete a medical clearance form, depending on what you answer, you may be required to seek clearance from your GP. To access Diverse Personal Training's medical clearance form, please click here


Can I access your Privacy Policy?



Certainly! You can access our privacy policy here






What is "weight neutral"?
Weight neutral personal training means body shape, size and weight is not tracked or identified as an outcome. It does not mean that weight change is avoided or ignored, but that weight gain or loss is not set as a goal. There is no judgement made of any body shape or size and all bodies are respected.
Of course, if a client rapidly gains or loses weight this may be indicative of an underlying health condition, and thus referral to the appropriate medical or allied health professional will be made.



What should I bring?
A water bottle, any medications that you may need i.e; an asthma puffer. Please ensure you have workout gear; a sensible pair of runners (not converse) is essential.
I have never worked out before...
That's ok. There is a first for everything and I am here to help with support and encouragement. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed - we all start somewhere and you will be surprised at just how much your body CAN DO! I offer everyone a free 60 minute session to discuss goals, fitness and sports experiences, and ideas. I will take this time to address any worries or anxieties you may have. I have found my body positive approach to be quite liberating for many of my clients as it helps me focus on all the wonderful things your body can do, and we go from there.
I have a question that's not here, can I contact you any other way?
Sure thing! You can call or text me on 0407 951 025 or send me an email at

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