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Hey Girl! Are you looking for exciting and different ways to move your body? Are you wanting to improve your fitness, increase your strength and put YOUR health first? This is the workout for you!


Group F.I.T (Fun Individualized Training)  is a body positive space for women only with no talk of calories, macros, kilos lost, or shaming of body shapes or parts. In a secluded  acreage, Diverse Personal Training offers outdoor group classes for people who are over the regular gym scene, punishing workouts and the go hard or go home mentality. Every workout is different, with games, dancing, aerobics, circuits, some group, and some solo work. Group F.I.T classes provide you with opportunities to celebrate your body (no matter what shape or size), learn more about your body and new ways to movie it.

Group F.I.T runs from Monday-Thursday 5.30pm - 6.15pm.




At Group F.I.T  we  have grown into quite the little 'family'. We try and create social outings  and stay in touch on our VIP Facebook group. If you want to make some like-minded friends and feel supported by other amazing women,  come join us!

There are two packages offered; $400 for 10 weeks (unlimited sessions per week), or $200 for 10 weeks (2 sessions per week). All packages must be paid upfront.

Want to join us? Register your interest below.

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