Hey Girl! Are you looking for exciting and different ways to move your body? Are you wanting to improve your fitness, increase your strength and put YOUR health first? This is the workout for you!


Group F.I.T (Fun Individualized Training)  is a body positive space for women only with no talk of calories, macros, kilos lost, or shaming of body shapes or parts. It is a group class for women who are over the regular gym scene, punishing workouts and the go hard or go home mentality. Every workout is different, with games, dancing, aerobics, circuits, some group, and some solo work. Group F.I.T classes provide you with opportunities to celebrate your body (no matter what shape or size), learn more about your body and new ways to movie it.

Group F.I.T runs from Monday-Thursday 5.30pm - 6.15pm


In these uncertain times DIVERSE has decided to move it's services to online. Our class has still been able to run  online with no issues. We meet via Zoom and workout together. 




At Group F.I.T  we  have grown into quite the little 'family'. We try and create social outings  and stay in touch via Facebook. We also now offer weekly chats where our fit family meets online to dicuss an array of topics (from the history of bodypositivity and weight science, to indoor plats and our pets). If you want to make some like-minded friends and feel supported by other amazing women,  come join us!


Due to COVID-19 many people have either lost their income or been financially affected. DIVERSE is proud to offer financial discounts to those suffering with financial hardship during this challenging time.

In terms of payment there are two separate things to consider; your health screen and the classes themselves.

  1. Health screens involve you filling out a medical clearance form, then a one-on-one zoom sessions where I go through any diagnoses, conditions and injuries you have listed on your form. I identify what exercises are best suited to your goals, preferences and body. We complete this when you first join, and then every year about a week from your birthday. This ensures that I am providing you with the safest and most engaging exercises as possible. This is charged at a standard personal training rate at $70 per hour (don't worry, if we don't use the full hour, you won't be charged the full hours!)

  2. The classes themselves come down to $10 per session. There are two types packages offered; 2 sessions per week, or unlimited sessions per week. Both  are paid in monthly installments. You can join at any time and there are no cancellation fees.

For these prices you are getting:

  • in-depth health screening

  • goal setting

  • attention to diagnoses and injuries

  • personalised live coaching

  • instruction from a qualified personal trainer with an allied health background

  • exercise modifications when requested or when necessary

  • a body positive, respectful and judgement free space

  • access to "weekly chats" where you learn more about exercise, health and other topics

  • interaction and social connection with other like-minded women

  • increased fitness, improved endurance and strength

  • the opportunity to develop sustainable and ongoing exercise habits

Want to join us? Register your interest below and sign up for a free week trial (only available for new clients).

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