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Welcome to this safe space where I help you find movement that brings you joy and nourishment.



Have you ever found yourself wanting to move your body, but you worry you are not fit enough to start? Have you ever dreamed of getting fitter but the thought of joining an exercise class elicits sheer panic? Or are you looking for a place that celebrates your body as it is? Then you have come to the right place my friend!

DIVERSE is a proud evidence-based fitness service, seeking to help people develop a passion for exercise based on self-care and compassion. I (Natasha - the trainer and business owner) achieves this by taking size inclusive approach to fitness. Through this holistic lens, your mental, social, financial, spiritual and emotional health are acknowledged as integral parts to your overall well-being. Although the primary focus is on improving and supporting your physical health through your chosen form of movement, incidentally other areas of health are supported. I also take a trauma-informed approach and focus on making exercise sustainable and fun.


​As part of taking a size inclusive approach to health and fitness, my services do not encourage or support weight loss. I will encourage and support you to increase health-enhancing behaviours such as exercise, without focusing on the scale. If you do have body image, self-esteem or weight concerns, you can be connected with allied health practitioners.

In this place you have the opportunity to focus on functional movement and gently challenge yourself. I understand your anxieties and the insidious nature of body shame and weight stigma. Together, we practice compassion and celebrate you, just as you are.

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I recently completed a positive relationship with exercise workshop with Tash and after many, many years of being surrounded by negative connotations of exercise, I now feel like I have the right tools to make my own choices and decisions going forward and I’m really excited about that!

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Making my way through this series and love it so much. I feel hopeful for my progress on moving to feel good, not for vanity. So proud to support your positive, non triggering movement. Love ya!

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Great way to exercise, no threat, no demands. Tash is an amazing trainer who accommodated my back injury into a personalised plan and now I'm enjoying the 'no pressure'

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