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One Fit Size All: A beginner's guide to joyful movement is a self-paced fitness guide for beginners. It takes a size-inclusive and trauma-aware approach, providing you with links to physical workouts, and theory underpinning joyful movement.


This e-book can be completed as fast or as slow as you like. Starting with gentle low impact mobility and finishing up with high intensity and impact circuits, you will have opportunities to increase your mobility, endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Accompanying the links to YouTube workouts, each session also explores a theme related to joyful movement. There are also optional workouts and reflective activites.


Creating joyful movement isn't just about increasing your fitness and strength, its also but about increasing your knowledge and skills. This guide provides you with both workouts and theory to help you develop your joyful movement.

One Fit Size All: a beginner's guide to joyful movement

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