My name is Natasha and I am not your average personal trainer. I have been on diets, yo-yoed in my weight, kept clothes for years on end and said "I will fit into it one day" only to have those clothes torture me for years on end making me feel like a failure. Although I still have some body image issues and some days I don’t feel so confident, I realised it was better for my mental, emotional and physical health to embrace the body I have now and simply treat it well.  I no longer exercise to punish myself, I exercise for fun and joy, because it makes me feel good, confident and re-energised.


I decided to become a personal trainer because I needed to be my own inspiration and trainer as in the past I had little success in finding people who understood my struggles and insecurities. I do not wish this feeling for anyone else, hence I started my business, Diverse Personal training, with the goal to help people find peace with exercise and their bodies whilst helping them to improve their health and well-being outcomes.

It has been exhilarating to watch the business grow and then transform to what it is now. It has been equally enjoyable to watch my clients grow in their confidence. There are no words to describe the pride I feel when I see my clients stop fearing a form of exercise, and start requesting it in our sessions instead. I could talk for hours about all the fitness and confidence goals my clients have met, but I recommend you stay tuned for the new "stories" section soon to be released on the website, to hear directly from them about what they are most proud of.


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